Nigerians Cautioned Ahead of General Elections

Nche Tala Aghanwi

ASDPN Executive Director

As the federal Republic of Nigeria approaches its general elections day, all of Africa and the World at large stay in high expectations, hoping that this day will be yet another opportunity for Nigeria to show proof of equity, fairness and justice while considering the will of all political parties to freely express their electoral rights.

We at the Africa Science, Diplomacy and Policy Network (ASDPN) hereby call on the Nigerian authorities to ensure that these elections are free, fair and representative of the majority of Nigerians. We also extend our plea to the Nigerian people to exercise ample patience and show proof of restrain from any reactions that may jeopardize the smooth running of this electoral process. We appeal to their collective conscience as a peace loving people to enjoin their efforts to those of the organizing body to ensure that, the outcome will be representative of the Nigerian people and an example for the rest of Africa to emulate.

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