Media Relations Policy

ASDPN International’s operations with the media are based on the following values:


communications with the media will be in any of ASDPN International working languages (plain English and French).


ASDPN International will never knowingly engage in communications that will mislead the public, media or members on an issue or news story.


we will promote openness and accessibility in our dealings with the media but will also maintain confidentiality when and where it’s appropriate.


ASDPN International will strive by all humanly possible means to ensure that the information it provides to the media is objective, balanced, accurate, informative and timely.

It is important that ASDPN International work closely with the media to communicate important public information in relation to its work and objectives which ASDPN International’s commits to do under this policy. However, contact corning any significant matter in the name of or on behalf of ASDPN International SHOULD ONLY BE made by members of the General Coordination Unit (GCU), Regional Coordination Unit (RCU), and Country Coordination Unit(CCU) where:

  • They have consulted the senior communication officer
  • They have the required expertise to speak on the issue under discussion.
  • They have some experience in media relations.

Where any of these criteria do not apply, GCU, RCU AND CCU members are recommended to exercise caution and to seek guidance from the most senior executive.


The policy strictly applies to all members of ASDPN International regardless of level of function, or seniority.