Benin Launches Operation One Girl One Pen For An Innovative Benin

Women scientists have a critical role to play in Africa’s development agenda, including pushing the envelope on gender equality, which happens to be the 5th goal of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. In Africa today, there continue to exist a very wide numerical gab between male and female scientist as the male folk tops the chart with more scientist. This gab has however been narrowing over years thanks to increase and sustained international pressures on national governments. On its part the Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network mindful of this reality in the continent has choose the path of not only engaging diplomatically with national governments, but to equally engage at the grass root community levels.

All these has been done thanks to the constant updates from the ASDPN Gender Coordinator who has severally alluded boldly that persistent gender inequality often severely limits the ability of young African female scientist from achieving their potentials and effectively contributing to Africa’s growing development challenges.

In the Republic of Benin, the ASDPN Country Coordinator Mr.Salem Ayenan and his powerful team on Friday November 2nd 2018 in collaboration with YaliRiv Benin engaged young primary school girls of the Public Primary School Wadon (l’Ecole Primaire Publique Wadon) on the occasion of the official launch of the ASDPN Benin project code named “One Girl One Pen for an Innovative Benin”.

The primary objective of the “One Girl One Pen for an Innovative Benin” project are twofold, it is to empower young girls in Benin to develop love for the sciences and secondly to develop the capacities of these young girls around basic sciences.

This is so because this project will serve as a nursery for young girls in Benin willing to take up a career in the sciences. We took in to account the classes of CI, CP, CE1 AN CE2 OF Group A and Group B. A total of 122 girls received our school kits which consisted of exercise books, pens and pencils and science pamphlets. This operation of ASDPN Benin and YaliRiv Benin has not only gone a long way in giving the girl child the chance to go to school and contribute to nation building but has also set the nation on a sustainable path towards an education effervescence especially around the girl child. During the event, the ASDPN Country Coordinator stressed on the undisputed point that “an educated girl us a wealth to a nation”.

After the very engaging event, the teachers of the school could barely hold back their feeling as they burst out with words of appreciation for the project given the massive impact it has had on the children and the teachers.

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Key Actors In Rural Development Trained On The Use Of Science Diplomacy In Rural Development

Benin Launches Operation One Girl One Pen For An Innovative Benin

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