International Conference on Science Diplomacy and Sustainable Development

Dallas Texas June 19th - 21st 2022

Conference Objective

  • To assess the link between Science and Diplomacy and how it can be mainstreamed in the development agenda of developing countries towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • To link scientific research with policy making towards stronger evidenced based decision stream for the purpose of achieving sustainable development.
  • To provide governments in the developing world and stakeholders in sustainable development with vital information regarding the degree of effectiveness or ineffectiveness of their development policy and propose a way forward.

Who is in the Audience?

The ASDPN International Conference on Science Diplomacy and Sustainable Development will bring together professionals from the private sector, academia, government and civil society along with development practitioners and students and faculties from the world’s top universities. We will welcome participants from the science and diplomatic community as well as stakeholders in the green economy. The 2022 event will welcome participants from 149 different countries.

Why Attend?

ASDPN International has been at the forefront of fostering Science Diplomacy since 2018 as a radical idea towards the attainment of sustainable development particularly in the developing world. In 2018 an Ocean away from Dallas, a conference was held in Yaoundé Cameroon to find innovative solutions to the complex challenges of sustainable development. The reality of these challenges is even more evident today as countries in the developing world today find themselves at an important crossroads in terms of defining and shaping their transformational agenda. However, economic growth continues to remain very slow relative to the potentials that exist in most of these nation states. An emerging driver to unlocking the developing world’s growth potential is massive investment in Science Diplomacy with its obvious potential in bringing about Sustainable Development fo. In addition, At the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit on 25th September 2015, more than 150 world leaders including leaders from the developing world adopted the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which encompasses the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Given that the objective of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is to support governments around the world in tackling the new agenda and taking it forward over the next 7 years, it has become clear to the science technology and innovation (STI) community as well as senior advisors on the SDG’s in these countries and globally that the majority of the 17 global goals require scientific contribution for their achievement. The deadline of 2030 for the achievement of the SDG’s openly displays the need for the systematic promotion of the sciences, strengthening of the scientific capacities and structures as well as the establishment of national, regional mechanisms for scientific contribution to the foreign and domestic policies of states in the developing world for the purpose of achieving the 2030 agenda and ensuring that a solid base exist for attaining post 2030 development agendas.

It is very clear that without an intentional multi-faceted approach that incorporates and supports inclusive scientific mechanism(s) for well constructed and implementable scientific strategies as well as  objectives for the countries and regions, the drivers of the SDG’s may not be able to be comprehensively achieved. It is therefore critical that professionals from the private sector, academia, governments, civil society, along with development practitioners and students and faculties from the world’s top universities are encouraged to invest and position science to support diplomatic processes that support global goals such as the SDG’s.

About the Organizer

The ASDPN International works to make sure that Science Diplomacy is at all times the bases of all development initiatives both at community and sub-regional levels thus ensuring a steady and consistent pursuit of the sustainable development agenda. In this light ASDPN International constantly strives to bridge the gap between science, diplomacy and policy by ensuring that they constantly move in tandem at all times and across all spheres of development.

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