Global Funding Policy


International funding and donations are central to the work of the ASDPN International – ASDPN. Our commitment to the fight against poverty, hunger, climate change, biodiversity loss, the promotion of an atmosphere of peace, access to live saving aid and inclusive development in addition to other Sustainable Development Goals in Africa certainly can’t be realized without sufficient and appropriate funding. For us, secure and diverse funding is indeed primordial to operate effectively, maintain our independence in the face of diverse pressures, maintain our commitment, approach to development in Africa, and protect our reputation and integrity.


Cognizant of our commitment to drive evidence based development in Africa from any part of the world, ASDPN International established Country Coordination Units/Country Representative Offices as well as Regional Coordination Units in most parts of the world to push actions and policies for development in Africa. These Country Coordination Units and Regional Coordination Units including the General Coordination Unit of ASDPN International which is the executive arm of the organization receive funding from diverse sources which includes International Funding Organizations, Governments, Foundations, Associations, Individuals, The Private Sector, Membership Fees, Sale of ASDPN Logistics, ASDPN Internationals; Events and other related activities/Projects, Publications, Data, Consulting and from an Endowment Fund. Relaying on a multitude of funding sources and options, the Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network is able to sufficiently maintain its independence and consequently avoiding any attempts to flutter/ compromise its objectives. All funding directed to the ASDPN International may either be unrestricted or tied to a specific project. All Funding/Donations directed to the ASDPN International be it towards a specific project at the level of the Country Coordination Unit, Regional Coordination Unit or ASDPN Internationals’ Generally, must come through the General Coordination Unit (ASDPN International’s Executive Arm) where it will be received and distributed according to funding specifications by the Department of Resource Management. This is for the purpose of ensuring the General Coordination Unit can properly follow-up projects realization thus ensuring the donated funds satisfies its objective. Country Coordination Units (CCUs) and Regional Coordination Units of ASDPN International reserve the right to directly generate funds from Events and other activities, Membership Fees and Sale of ASDPN logistics. 25% of which will be channeled to support General Coordination efforts. Generally, Country Coordination Units and Regional Coordination Units are responsible for raising their own funding through the above indicated sources in addition to developing project funding proposals under the coordination of the Resource Development Division (a Division under the Department of Resource Management) which is responsible for fund raising actions at ASDPN International Global. The ASDPN International will by no means risk jeopardizing or better still compromise its fine global reputation for Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Sound judgment and Openness. Thus ASDPN International desist itself from receiving funding from any source whatsoever which is perceived to be inconsistent with its objectives.

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This policy applies to all ASDPN International coordination units, regardless of the type of donor or the amount involved, unless otherwise stated in this document. It is to be applied to all new funding from existing ASDPN International donors and to all new ASDPN International donors in the future. The international reputation of the ASDPN International is key as such no effort must be spared to protect it.


It is ASDPN International to accept funding from any donor be it in monetary value or in kind, provided that our acceptance of such support doesn’t in any way:

  • Impair the ASDPN International's independence in pursuing its mission and objectives.
  • Endanger or compromise the integrity and reputation of the ASDPN.


Funding to enable ASDPN International coordination units to carry out their work should be sought from a wide range of sources. Care should be taken to ensure that project-related funding does not result in undue influence over ASDPN International’s programme of work. Subject to maintaining ASDPN International’s independence and reputation, ASDPN International coordination units may accept funding from all kinds of sources. However, if there is a significant risk that receiving funds from a particular source would impair ASDPN International’s independence or if there is a significant risk to ASDPN International’s reputation from public association with the donor, then funding from that source must not be accepted by ASDPN International.

ASDPN International shall list all donations and publicly disclose them including in its Annual Reports. ASDPN International’s coordination units must also ensure funds raised are publicly declared including in their Annual Reports.

 Any donation to a ASDPN International’s coordination units must be able to stand up to public scrutiny. ASDPN International’s independence requires that a donor may be subject to the same criticism by ASDPN International as any other organization or individual in a comparable situation. A donor accused of having been involved in corruption can expect no protection from ASDPN International.

ASDPN International shall not accept donations from individual or companies whom have been identified as haven been involved in gross human rights violations, corruption, and deliberate actions geared towards environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity and climate change  unless the individual or company can demonstrate clearly that this was in violation of the international standards of Sustainable Development, publicly apologize and denounce his or its actions and provide a clear roadmap towards reversing these negative standards moving forward. ASDPN International shall collaborate with individuals and companies on the full understanding that human rights violations, corruption and environmental degradation and resource depletion are totally unacceptable.

ASDPN International advises all potential donor companies to make a public commitment to uphold the standards that bind the Sustainable Development Agenda such as the UN Global Compact. Donors companies may also be required by ASDPN International to sign a commitment to integrity before any donation from that company is accepted.

Given that it is the responsibility of the members of ASDPN International to ensure that the independence and integrity of ASDPN International is by no means ever jeopardized, members of ASDPN International who have a clear concern as regards a potential threat to ASDPN International’s reputation from donations already received, or which are about to be accepted, such a member is under the obligation to draw the attention of the General Coordination Unit of ASDPN International specifically the department of Resources Management or any of its country or regional representation for onward transmission to the General Coordination Unit for action.