Science And Environmental Sustainability (SAES)

“The time is past when humankind thought it could selfishly draw on exhaustible resources. We know now the world is not a commodity.”

François Hollande, former President of France


  • There will be a steady decline in the present rate of cultural and biodiversity loss within the African continent as well as reduced impacts of human activities on the ability of ecosystems to continue to provide services which are vital to human well being.
  • The Science and Environmental Sustainability programme will stimulate basic and applied research among Africans in the area of environmental management and conservation.
  • African scientist will be easily integrated in the use of safer and more cost-effective technologies in nature preservation.
  • There will be sustained and continues rejuvenation of diverse continental scientific research thanks to laboratory and field capabilities thus supporting local communities and governments in reversing current environmental trends.
  • The programme will identify and lay the intellectual foundations among Africans of all social groupings enabling them to develop collective and individual capabilities to address current environmental challenges as well as potential challenges over the next several decades.
  • There will be regular development, testing and implementation of policy frameworks which are based on scientific evidence thus influencing regulatory decisions on biodiversity preservation at all levels.
  • There will be increased exchange and transfer of knowledge on environmental problems and solutions thus ensuring the fostering of environmental education for sustainable development.
  • There will be increased welfare and a livable environment for all Africans within the context of rapid urbanization and energy consumption as main drivers of environmental change.
Science And Policies Of Managing Wild Dumps In The Commune Of Ibadan DRC. What We Found

Science And Policies Of Managing Wild Dumps In The Commune Of Ibadan DRC. What We Found

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