Community Participation Policy

The vision of the ASDPN International entails a strong commitment to actively drive actions on the ground geared towards fostering sustainable development for our planet. This especially at a time when the global climate is changing with unpredictable rainfall patterns, environmental degradation and loss of biodiversity is at an all time high, pressures on the global food system keeps mounting, health systems across the globe especially in developing parts like Africa continue to limp while disease epidemics keeps reoccurring and many time spreading across borders and political insecurity characterized by wars, humanitarian catastrophes, terrorism and societal division soars globally. Faced with all these, ASDPN International mandate puts us directly at loggerheads with these multiple global threats.

We have from day one had a clear understanding that to properly tackle these seemingly intractable global threats, there is a necessity for us to be community relevant and ensure communities are actively part of the decision making process geared towards finding sustainable solutions. We are convinced that the best solutions to these seemingly intractable challenges lays in honest debates and discussions. Reason why provides a conversation space for all the persons passionate about making a meaningful difference through sustainable ideas on common/recurrent global problems to share and engage with other like minded persons or persons with different perspectives/views on how these challenges can be halted.

Consequences for Violation

The policy guidelines on how to engage in debates and conversations on this site are not by any means intended to stifle/restrict free speech and open exchange of ideas. On the contrary the Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network is a strong advocate for free speech and exchange of ideas as they are fundamental to achieving sustainable development. Our actions are intended to protect the spirit of community. Violators of our community participation policy guidelines will receive a notification from us that their comments violates our community rules, their comments will at the same time be either edited to make it acceptable or be deleted. Repeat violators may be suspended for a given period or out rightly banned depending on the gravity of the violation. We may as well decide to stop comments or debates on particular posts depending on the character of the conversation.

Policy Purpose

This policy document is meant to provide community members with guidelines on how to engage in commenting, conversations and debates initiated by

Policy Guidelines for Community Participation


Participating individuals must not knowingly post incorrect/false or misleading information. Participants should be honest about who they are and who they represent.

Purposeful participation

Comments and participation in debates should be strategic and purposeful. ASDPN International discourages tokenistic participation or participation for participation sake.


Individuals must ensure their comments are in perfect harmony with the subject being discussed so as to avoid misleading others who focused on commenting strictly on the subject on the table.

Well mannered and respectful

Comments on the comments sections of our website must not be derogatory, discriminatory, or be characterized by defamatory, slanderous fouls language and attacks directed to a specific individual or group. Comments must be respectful and gentlemanly. The manner in which comments are made is equally important. Therefore, others in the community must be given the chance to equally make contributions.

Well mannered and respectful

It is important to make a clear difference between sharing sustainable ideas in debates and sharing information to promote individual interest or commercial interest. ASDPN International has a zero tolerance policy for any advert on its site. The comment section is a platform for debating matters of great importance.