An International Collaboration to Promote the Sustainable Development Goals

An International Collaboration to Promote the Sustainable Development Goals


The Cameroon-based Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network (ASDPN) & The Kootneeti have agreed to join hands as partners to maximize their synergies and impact.

In the initial days of the partnership, the two organizations will share research publications and articles across a broad range of hot topics of relevance to the UN Globals Goals – SDGs. They will also promote each others’ relevant events/publication releases/interviews/conferences to their respective audiences, notably scholars, policymakers and members of civil society.

“As the world is increasingly focusing on the UN Global Goals i,e. Sustainable Development Goals as the locus of sustainable development, The Kootneeti Team is excited to cooperate with Cameroon-based – ASDPN as one of its International Knowledge Partners”, said Amrita Dhillon, Founder & Director, The Kootneeti. “This will enable us to better touch African audiences, and learn from the exciting developments of the region, which is now a subject of global focus.”

“It is without a doubt impossible for any single state private sector organization or civil society organization no matter how rich or big it may be to individually achieve the agenda set forth in the Sustainable Development Goals”, said Nche Tala Aghanwi, Founder & Executive Director ASDPN. Given that the SDGs are too broad and positively very ambitious, its concrete realization leans heavily on the ability of these bodies including individuals to form a global synergy around the goals as enshrined in SDG 17:

“Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”.

He further continued “It is in perfect awareness and in full acknowledgement of this call and additionally in line with the strong commitment of the Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network – ASDPN to push for increased knowledge and adherence to the ideals of Sustainable Development that a partnership with The Kootneeti was classified as very strategic given the similar commitment The Kootneeti shares in SDG advocacy.”

Also he said “In a world being plagued by recurrent conflicts and diplomatic rows especially in Africa, the Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network needed a reliable partner who will not only stand with us in pushing for increased diplomatic engagements based on evidence but who will also provide us with a global platform to put forward our policy positions.”


About The Kootneeti

The Kootneeti is an independent international publisher of International Relations & Diplomacy. Based in New Delhi, the organisation is founded by a group of publishing professionals & Scholars of International Relations, who are dedicated to publishing the best in various topical areas of diplomacy for the scholarly and professional communities worldwide.


About the Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network (ASDPN)

The Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network (ASDPN) is a global organization focused on evidence based sustainable development in Africa. ASDPN engages Africans no matter where they are found across the globe towards development actions for the African continent.

ASDPN run Eight programs which cuts across all the SDGs. The Organization’s membership is very diverse and includes people of varied professional backgrounds and ages. It was born shortly after the ASSAf – TWAS – AAAS inaugural regional workshop on Science and Diplomacy which took place in Pretoria South Africa.



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