ASDPN pushes for greater involvement of youths in leadership and governance at AASI youth leadership forum in India.

Reported By: Michael Dioha

October 10th 2018

The Association of African Students in India (AASI) on October 10th 2018 organized an international student’s dialogue on good governance in Galgotias University, Greater Noida on the theme “Youths for Leadership”. This international dialogue which targeted primarily Youths and Non–Governmental Organizations was in line with AASI’s awareness of the complexity of governance in providing a platform for international students in various universities across India to partake and share their views/perceptions and possible way forward in actualizing accountability and people centric leadership.

The motive for the forum was to bring interactions among African students and their counterparts from various countries studying in India as well as to encourage youth participation in the push for democracy, accountability and good governance globally in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with a conceptualized pull for the attainment of a more effective leadership system.

Fully aware of the puissant position which the Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network occupies within the African continent and in shaping global discuss on the subject, ASDPN was thus called up to air its views on this very salient and timely subject. In line with the call, ASDPN was ably represented by Mr. Michael Dioha member of the General Coordination Unit and Director of Energy and Development Policy at ASDPN.

Mr. Dioha spoke on the sub-topic “the role of youths in accountable governance”. He opined that youths need to improve their capacity/skills first, while urging governments to create an enabling environment for youths to thrive and participate in decision making. He also argued that beyond direct politics, youths can contribute indirectly through non-governmental initiatives such as ASDPN in building a future for their communities and themselves. In sum, Dioha suggested that a blend of youths and the older generation is required in the decision making process in order to drive inclusive development in Africa.


Her Excellency Mrs. Judith K.K, the Zambian ambassador to India who was also among the panelists, asserted that “in modern times, the need for governance exists anytime a group of people come together to accomplish an end. Though the governance literature proposes several definitions, most rest on three dimensions: Authority, Decision Making and Accountability…”

       A key outcome of this forum was that we were able to effectively communicate and inspire young Africans and their counterparts from other countries in the world to take up the leadership baton without necessarily over relaying on governments to achieve. We equally achieved strategies for structural reforms that would enable Accountability, Transparency, Responsiveness, Rule of Law, Stability, Equity, Empowerment, Broad based participation, and Inclusiveness of youths in governance.

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