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Opening Speech on the Occaision of the Official Launch Of ASDPN International

The Executive Officer ASSAf, the Coordinator the Science Diplomacy Programme at the World Academy of Science (TWAS), the CEO American Association of Science (AAAS), Members of the General Coordination Unit (GCU) of Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network, Africa Science Diplomacy Country Coordinators, Members of Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network, fellow Science Diplomats, Ladies and Gentlemen.

Thank you all for respecting this invitation in such short notice. And equally accept my apologies for the delay in commencement.

Our world is today beset by multiple challenges from different fronts ranging from climate change, hunger and food insecurity, poverty, catastrophic environmental changes wars, strives, disease epidemics among others. Faced with these realities and taking cognizance of the repercussions on future generations, the world must not and cannot afford to remain indifferent.

 The United Nations and her sister organizations have since the dawn of the 20th Century risen up to this challenge and has also redoubled its resolve at the start of the 21st Century with the introduction of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 15 years later.

But I besiege you Science Diplomats of Africa to rise, to rise up to the challenge of ending global hunger, disease, epidemics, reversing poverty, mitigating climate change, and environmental degradation through science, policy and tactful diplomatic engagements at the grass root level and at international levels.

Your strong investments all over the continent of Africa in science and policy especially in the in suburban villages like Kyazanga in Uganda, Furu-Awa in Cameroon , Maramany in Zimbabwe,  Mwandama in Malawi among others, is crucial in the global effort in achieving the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the African Union Agenda 2063.

Fellow members of Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network,

You are important, you can make a difference, you can sustainably transform Africa.

It is with this conviction and line of thinking that the brilliant idea of Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network was conceived and today it’s a reality. Engaging African scientist, diplomats and policy makers across the continent to work together on common projects and with a common vision of addressing Africa’s most pressing challenges.

The good news is the Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network has brought a novel approach in resolving the problems of Africa and Africans based on the necessity to link scientific research with policy making towards stronger evidenced based decision stream. This novel approach will be effective in reversing disease epidemics, access to quality water sources and halting environmental degradation.

However, a lot still needs to be done and we can do it, hunger, unemployment, poverty, illicit migration still persists and continue to be a cankerworm that is ravaging the African people.

We must therefore never lose sight of our national and international obligation as members of Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network in completely reversing these trends.

Fellow members of ASDPN,

As we prepare to officially launch this great tool for Africa’s development, I urge you once more to rise, to rise up in unison to challenge the present statuesque for a better future for you and me and for generations unborn.

The Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network’s vision is great but like the famous European author, thinker and political icon Václav Havel said “vision is not enough it must be combined with venture. It is not enough to steer up the steps, we must step up the steers.”

It is thus my fervent call today that let us as Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network members, step up the steers in Cameroon, in Zimbabwe, in Zambia, Kenya, let us step up the steers in Africa and let us step up the steers in the world.


Opening Statement At The 2nd ASDPN International General Coordination Meeting

Opening Statement At The 3rd ASDPN International General Coordination Meeting

Speech at ASDPN International DRC 2019 Strategy Meeting

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Opening Statement At The 2nd ASDPN International General Coordination Meeting

Dear members of the General Coordination Unit (GCU),

Dear Country Coordinators,

Dear Members of ASDPN International,

 Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all for respecting this invitation once again.

We are living in a world which is fast changing, there is the development of new technologies, ideas and research strategies all geared towards making life comfortable and secure for the global citizenry. Unfortunately our beautiful continent continues to linger very far behind when compared to other parts of the world. Africa for more than half a century that is since independence has found it hard to adapt to the new global dispensation.

But today I thank God for your courage, for your believe and your passion to reverse this trend of underdevelopment that is almost becoming a tradition in Africa.

For the past one month you have questioned and challenged yourselves, you have sacrificed precious time, you have put the continent of Africa first before your individual interest, and you have bridge geographical barriers to communicate ideas and strategies to push Africa forward.

Indeed I tell you your efforts have not been wasted for out of it a giant has been born, a great institution that will forever transform the approach to development in the continent. You have created the Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network (ASDPN International).

Barely a month after creation, we are represented in Africa in 17 countries and 4 sub-regions by very robust Africans of fine intellect.

Fellow Members of ASDPN International,

Today I can proudly say to you that ASDPN International is a complete organization with all the attributes of one. I can proudly say to you that as each day passes we continue to position our self as the future pillar of Africa’s development in the 21st century and beyond.

Members of ASDPN International let none of you be deceived to stay behind this moving train. Let us all key in and build the type of Africa we want just like our motto says “Sustainably Transforming Africa Together”.

Fellow members of ASDPN International

I encourage you all to contribute passionately in today’s discussion as it will mark a turning point first for Africa and for our organization ASDPN International moving forward.

Indeed I tell you, all is set. The soil is moist and fertile I encourage you to work and plant generously for the harvest shall be great.

On this note I will like to declare this meeting open


Opening Statement At The 3rd ASDPN International General Coordination Meeting

Fellow members of the General Coordination Unit (GCU),

Fellow Country Coordinators,

Fellow members of ASDPN International,

Fellow Science Diplomats.

A new year has dawn and it is truly a great delight to see that we are still together and your desire to push the ASDPN International vision remains resolute and unflinching. This is testament to your unrepentant desire to pull the African continent from the abyss of mediocrity and an endless cycle of under development.

You will agree with me that Africa is endowed with enormous potentials: physical, social and most importantly human capital which if properly harnessed and nurtured will set the continent on a steady growth curve towards emergence, an ambitious but yet realistic vision elaborated in the Africa Union 2063 Agenda.

The commitment of ASDPN International since creation has been to assist the African Union, the United Nations and other Global bodies with deep rooted interest in the development of Africa, through evidence based development actions so they can realize their development objectives.

Fellow members of ASDPN International,

So far as a team we have been able demonstrate that we can assist to this end, we can meaningfully contribute to Africa’s emergence, generally we have so far lived up to expectations. we have proven in a few months what many felt we will need years to prove, we have demonstrated that what Africa lacks isn’t human capital, physical or social  capital but a platform where these vital factors of development can be brought together and actively applied to change the face of Africa. Today dear members, Africa has that platform in the Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network (ASDPN International), today you Africans have the mantle to shape your own destinies with your own hands.

Fellow Science Diplomats,

The Agenda 2063 of the African Union talks of “the Africa we want”, the Global Goals for Development (SDGs) talks of “the future we want”. We must not therefore be mere spectators for these calls are addressed to us individually and as global citizens to rise up and take action.

In 2018 we lived up to expectations we developed a concept, we built a broad and diverse membership around it, we moved from a simple concept to actions which were in line with our concept. Indeed I dare say again that we have lived up to expectations and on behalf of the entire membership of ASDPN International, I will like to heartily congratulate you all for actively contributing to these successes. However we must not go to rest at this point we must rather redouble our efforts for many persons/organizations of interest are beginning to take notice of your work. Therefore we must once again as a team strive to surpass our objectives this year 2019.

Fellow Science Diplomats, members of ASDPN International,

I am not ignorant of the challenges we face each day as we struggle to impact our communities despite the astonishing ideas we rise each morning with. I will like to encourage you not to lose focus or doubt the ability of the works of your hands to produce fruits. I assure you it is doing so already but you must remain resolute and unmoved if for anything, for Africa and its suffering people.

Thank you all

Speech at ASDPN International DRC 2019 Strategy Meeting

The ASDPN International DRC National Coordinator

The Deputy National Coordinator of ASDPN International DRC

Companion Members of the Executive Board of the ASDPN International DRC

Members of ASDPN International DRC

I am very honored by your invitation to take part in this particularly important national coordination meeting. Allow me also to sincerely appreciate the DRC Coordinator, Mr. Gabriel Balagizi, for his outstanding leadership and remarkable achievements since his assumption of the post of National Coordinator for the DRC.

Dear members, this meeting is so important that it will shape and define our action and our activities as members of ASDPN International RDC throughout the year 2019.

Early in 2019, as I addressed our global membership at our 4th General Coordination Meeting, I made it clear that 2019 was the year of GOAL for our great organization. This year, we need to fully connect with grassroots communities through impactful activities. This year, we must demonstrate that we can achieve our goals.

However, I am not unaware of the multiple challenges you face as members. I see the zeal in your eyes to positively impact your country, to lift impoverished communities out of poverty, end environmental degradation and achieve sustainable development as a whole. However, due to limited financial and material resources, you cannot go as far as you would like.

Dear members, I encourage you to stay focused and to remain committed and intact in the face of these temporary limitations, I encourage you to continue to make sacrifices as you have done so far, I encourage you to continue to believe in this what you are doing, I encourage you to continue to work for the Democratic Republic of Congo, whatever you want. I assure you that you will not regret the tremendous efforts you have made to achieve evidence-based sustainable development in the DRC.

Thank you