Life At ASDPN International

Policy Guidelines for Community Participation The ASDPN International experience is unique. The pride of our workplace is the diversity of our workforce made up of patriotic volunteers of different social and professional backgrounds and even age groups working purposefully together, looking beyond gender, color (race), literacy, political, cultural, religious and linguistic differences and rather uniting with a common interest around the challenges which seeks to divide us as well as create a rift between us and our environment

Our deliberations and reports are always frank and factual. Our resolve is resolute and unflinching. We at all times ensure the work climate and conditions are lax but constantly engaging. At ASDPN International we do not only strive to be engaging  but our executive in collaboration with our team members across the world also strives to measure the engagement of our members and country offices by asking the right questions not only from our executive to our members, but also among ourselves like:


Given our commitment to all 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, our members have been able to enjoy the freedom and latitude of connecting, owning and passionately engaging in activism on the particular Global Goal they cherish most.

In all, at ASDPN International work-life balance is highly valued and promoted by our management. Volunteers have great control over their lives and a bigger say in the structure of their work/responsibilities.

Some of our members describe their experience with us so far: