Founder and Executive Director

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Mr.Nche Tala Aghanwi

Founder & Executive Director

Mr. Nche Tala Aghanwi is a committed, determined, inspirational and highly motivated person who has the drive and ambition to impact the globe positively, possessing a strong undiluted passion for global development and social transformation especially in Africa. He is a holder of a Master in International Cooperation, Humanitarian Action and Sustainable Development from Cameroon’s lone school of diplomacy (International Relations Institute of Cameroon – IRIC). He is also a holder of a Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance from the National Polytechnic University Institute. He has occupied leadership positions in major organizations wherein he has lead several projects geared towards promoting peace and dialogue in hostile environments as well as the Global Goals (SDGs). Mindful of his astute leadership acumen, he put his principles of Honesty, Diligence, Hard Work, Humility and Patience to practice in his venture

A person with vision and vigor, he has been the principal force behind the phenomenal growth of the network and under his leadership the network has been able to maintain a steady growth trajectory and continues to garner strong and unprecedented respect and support throughout Africa and even across the Globe.

Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network ( was founded in July 2018 with a mandate to bring about sustainable social, economic and political transformation in the African continent through the interplay of science, diplomacy and policy. With membership spanning from North Africa through East, West and Central Africa to South Africa and beyond the shores of Africa, ASDPN is today a fast rising player in the global development agenda.

“The achievement of the sustainable development agenda is indeed centered around science and how well we use science in the formulation of development policy will define the fate our planet moving forward” 

“Science is a discipline that gives a lot of credence to ethics and facts. If any of these two are misplaced or left out, it’s no longer Science but rather art work than can be given several interpretations.”

“Africa needs more Science Diplomats and Science Diplomacy needs more women”