Governing Bodies

General Coordination Unit(GCU)

Regional Coordination Unit(RCU)

Country Coordination Unit(CCU)

  • Chief of Internal Audit
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Treasurer
  • Ethics and Conduct Officer
  • Advisory Council
  • Senior Communications Officer
  • Gender Coordination Unit
  • Director of International Cooperation
  • Director of Partnerships
  • Director of Agriculture and Food Security.
  • Director of Technology and Innovation.
  • Director of Disease Treatment, Prevention and Control.
  • Director of Environmental Health.
  • Director of Water Management
  • Director of Energy Developement
  • Director of Climate Resilience
  • Director of Coastal and Marine Sciences
  • Director of Genetics and Laboratory Research
  • Director for Humanities
  • Director for Sustainable Development
  • Director of Justice and Rule of Law
  • Director for Logistics and Displacement
  • Director of Cultural Heritage
  • Director of Strategy
  • Director of Implementation
  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Treasurer
  • Director of Resource Development  
  • Outreach and Publicity Officer
  •     Chief Partner/Liaison Officer  
  •    Lead Programs and Planning Officer


·         Agriculture and Food Security Officer

·         Technology and Innovation Officer

·         Environment and Sanitation Officer

·         Health Officer

·         Climate Change Officer

·         Water Management Officer

·         Cultural Heritage Officer

·         Energy Efficiency and Security Officer

·         Research Officer

·         Team of Extension Officers